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As a general rule, the family of the student is responsible for the basic education of the child. Annual fees amounting up to CHF 120’000.— for the high-end boarding schools are usual and they are frequently booked in advance. It is crucial to have enough time to take the most appropriate decision. We are here to support and guide you to find the right boarding school covering your expectations. When you have to decide and find out the best education for your kids - only the best counts. At the end, it’s the best investment money can buy to secure your wealth for the next generation.

Gifted Student Award

Many boarding schools are giving a premium to the best students of the course. Selected students are awarded with the “Gifted Student Award” and entitled to receive remarkable discounts.

Gifted student awards are distributed to encourage hard work and talent discovery, in the sports, in arts or in some particular academic disciplines. If your child has the benefit of above-average capabilities, we will inquire for you at the boarding school for the “Gifted Student Award”.