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Institute auf dem Rosenberg - St. Gallen

The students are living in separate houses divided according to gender and age. Unlike most other boarding schools the Institut auf dem Rosenberg is based on the hills in the north-east part.

The school offers various international programs and divides them into sections. The different programs are…

The international section
The international section is oriented towards the American school program to attain a high school diploma and prepares students for subsequent studies at American colleges and universities.

Also the British school program for IGCSE, GCE A levels to complete AS and A2 level courses and examinations is frequently requested. There is a special program for non English native speakers as in place in most of the Swiss boarding schools.

The Swiss section
If you are planning to remain in Switzerland for a long period of time you may consider the Swiss school program. The children commence at the primary school and prepare for the Swiss Matura. After graduation with the Swiss Matura, the students can choose to study at any Swiss university.