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Institute Le Rosey - Rolle

The most reputable, oldest and certainly one of the best boarding schools of the world is without doubt the legendary "Institute Le Rosey". It is not easy to become access to this prestigious private institute.

380 students are living in two campuses. The main campus is an attractive estate in Rolle. This prestigious school also owns a campus at the exclusive Swiss ski resort in Gstaad.

The media called Le Rosey as the "School of Kings" because many European royals attended the school during the last centuries. In our days, Le Rosey is the choice for celebrities and for the most wealthy people, still including royals.

Le Rosey educated many generations of well-known noble families such as

  • the Rothschild’s
  • the Hohenlohe’s
  • the Metternich’s
  • the Hohenzollern
  • the Radziwills and the Borghese’s.

Le Rosey educated several monarchs like King Albert II, Baudouin I of Belgium, King Fuad II of Egypt, Aga Khan IV, King Ntare V of Burundi, Prince Rainier III of Monaco and the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran, but also celebrities like Dodi al-Fayad - Lover of Lady Diana, Sean Lennon - son of John Lennon or Nicolas Negroponte - Founder MIT.

The school offers a bilingual education in English and French.

Over 400 students from 7 years to 18 years age, coming from 60 different countries are taking the benefits of an excellent education in Le Rosey. Most of the students are aged between 14 to 18 years.

Le Rosey owns 28 hectares (70 acres) of landscape and is by far the largest of all private boarding schools in Switzerland. An intense academic program is followed by a wide range of sports.

If you want to reserve a place for your child in Le Rosey you are strictly advised to inform us in advance in order to circumvent overbooking.