Education in Switzerland
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About us

 What makes our company so special?

 We provide comprehensive educational services to wealthy clients all over the world, including the immigration procedures for easy travelling to Switzerland.

We helped hundreds of clients relocating to Switzerland and pay less tax. We know exactly the specific needs of international and wealthy families. We will deliver quality - not quantity.

If you are looking for the best education for your children, we will help you introducing you directly to the CEO of the private school tailor-made to the educational needs. We have decades of professional experience with wealthy clients from all over the world.

Switzerland has one of the best education systems in the world. If you are looking for an international and open-minded education Switzerland will be the right place. Many celebrities are using our services to ensure the best possible education for their young family members.

In the centre of Europe, Switzerland can offer a high personal security, political stability, great respect for privacy and international education. This is the best environment for a multi-cultural education opening all options preparing the access to the best universities in the world.  


Why are customers happy with our services?

Our customers appreciate us because we are very fast, flexible and efficient offering direct access to the decision makers.

We are practitioners, not theorists. We (almost) always find a solution for you.

We are uncomplicated and solution-oriented.

Our customers value us because we can easily explain complex issues. We will guide you meeting the best providers for a private education.

Everyone understands us, as we prove daily with over 250 educational YouTube videos.

We are not on the payroll of the big players. We are fully independent. You will pay us for our consulting services. We avoid conflicts of interest situations. We act in your exclusive interest.