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Education of your child - only the best counts

Swiss Private Boarding Schools

In Switzerland there are around 260 recognised schools. Some of them belong to the oldest, most important and famous. About 100'000 students from over the world attend Swiss private schools. Many former students are leaders of our society today.

The schools and colleges are offering innovative and tailor-made teaching according to your educational expectations. We are here to guide you in order to find the best school covering your needs.

If you require any further information about private education in Switzerland please fell free to contact us immediately.

We wish all future students a successful education in a multicultural environment.

What you should know about boarding schools

Boarding schools are considered elite schools or high-end private schools. The prestigious seven days a week schools have an international student community. School fees amounting to CHF 100’000 – CHF 120’000 per year are usual and they are usually fully booked in advance. We are working with the 12 most reputable and noble schools, most of them located close to Lausanne, at the lake of Geneva. This has historical reasons. In the old time the Orient Express passed through Lausanne. It was not easy to travel at that time and it became practical for the parents to accommodate their children in a place easily accessible from all over Europe.

Today, Swiss elite boarding schools are doing marketing on special events taking place in emerging countries like Brazil, China, India or Russia.

Please feel free to call immediately: +41 44 212 44 04,
in urgent cases mobile phone +41 79 543 85 93.

What are our clients looking for when it comes to education?

They are not searching a holiday resort in the style of the “Club Med”. They want security and a good care for their children. Discipline with strong guidelines, respect for authoritative teachers and sports combined with a structured day are becoming more and more important. And of course, an excellent general education with international recognized qualifications is imperative. This high ranking expectations can be met by private boarding schools only.

The boarding schools in Switzerland are insisting on strict quotas ensuring an international mix of many different nations of students. That means that no more that 10% of the students may be Russian or American, English or Chinese.

The international mix of culture and languages is the great advantage that Swiss boarding schools hoffer compared to other competitors such as England.
In England, for example, 80% of the students are domestic students and only 20% are foreigners. In Switzerland we have the opposite. The international network combined with multilingual skills that a child can build up in Switzerland for his future and his life is really unique. That’s why the media called some of the Swiss boarding schools the school of the kings. Many royal families of all aver Europe have sent their child to study in Switzerland.